Who are you?

We are a translation provider offering our translation services to help you communicate with foreign countries and do business in the global marketplace.

What kinds of documents can you translate?

Our team of professional translators can cover a wide range of subject areas such as science, medicine, legal translations, patents, engineering, food industry, communication and media, information technology, business and finance and many, many more. We translate manuals and handbooks, presentations, brochures, flyers and leaflets, emails, websites, help files, software applications, correspondence, agreements and contracts, press releases and catalogs.

What file formats can you translate?

We work with most text and graphics formats, as well as sound and video files. We can also deal with several types of source code such as HTML, PHP, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, C, C++, XML, Perl, Python etc. Just ask before to make sure we can open your source documents! We work with both Macintosh and PC systems and a wide range of software applications.

What languages do you translate to?

As you can see on our Languages page, we can offer quite a vast range of language combinations. If you don’t find the languages you are looking for, please contact us; we are constantly expanding our database of translators and of languages offered.

How do you charge for translation?

Usually, we charge a per word rate. This rate varies according to the degree of difficulty of a given language and subject, and the delivery deadline. Sometimes we can also grant a discount for very long documents, large volumes and/or long-term business relationships.

By what methods can you receive and deliver documents?

We definitely prefer to receive and deliver electronic documents by e-mail or our FTP service. Hardcopies sent by fax or courier or any other traditional method would increase the cost and delay the delivery of the translation. All shipping costs will be charged to the client.

Do you accept rush jobs? How much do you charge for urgent translations?

Quality takes time. Even short documents need editing, proofreading etc. to ensure a good level of quality which is what we want to offer to our clients. A good translation just cannot be made in a couple of hours or a single day, and if it can, this would mean disrupting the planned schedules of both the translator and our company for that day. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject a translation if we think we couldn’t guarantee a certain level of accuracy in the time frame you require. How much? Any urgent professional service costs more than the same service performed with a non-urgent schedule, so you will be charged an extra 30% to 100% more depending on the type of translation, the deadline, the number of words.

Will my document be formatted for print?

This service is not included. We usually keep the original format of the file received in the source language. But please, let us know if you require formatting or any DTP service and we can offer that service for some language pairs. An hourly fee will be applied.

What steps are taken to ensure that my translation is accurate?

We believe that accuracy, consistency and quality are the aim of any translation service provider. That is why we have many phases from beginning to end to ensure that you get what you expect from us and what you deserve as our client. Your translation will have passed through the hands of several individuals who will proofread for accuracy. Our goal is to provide quality services to all our clients. A happy client is a precious resource for all of us.