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Service vs. Commodity

Is translation a commodity? Given the last trends in rates and approach one may as well think so but… they would be wrong. Translation is much more than a commodity; it is an ad-hoc service. As many ad-hoc services, translation involves a whole series of factors such as source and target languages (including any regional variant), volume, type of document, file format (if any), subject matter, intended audience, purpose of the translation itself and so on and so forth. It is indeed this series of factors (or specifications) that makes translation a service and not a commodity and therefore it should be treated as such both by the language service provider and the buyer.

Our translators have solid experience in several fields such as engineering, medicine, science, technology, music, finance, marketing, information technology and much more.
We can offer you the professional quality and  timely delivery that you are looking for.

Translate & Localize helps you succeed in international markets, by effectively adapting your products and services to meet the demands of the global marketplace. Get professionally written translations for your documents, software, websites and multimedia projects. From brochures to computer applications, from presentations to mobile games, we have the technical expertise to handle it all.

We try to constantly expand our services in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Translate & Localize offers the following services:


We can translate for you almost any kind of text in a wide variety of language combination. All our translators translate into their native language and are experts in their fields. Occasionally, we can provide extra services such as DTP layout and web design. We always provide culturally appropriate translations.

Proofreading & Editing:

We provide proofreading for documents that have already been edited and that need to be checked and corrected one last time. Proofreaders will look for typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, number errors, misplaced captions, headlines and/or inconsistencies. Any text we translate undergoes proofreading of course, but you can send us texts translated by third parties to be proofread by us.

Editing implies a deeper check and adaptation of your text in terms of style, register, grammar, terminology etc. according to the type of text and audience.

If you are a corporate or government client, a professional writing in a foreign language, a business person, a writer or an academic and you need your documents proofread and edited before publishing, this is the service you are looking for.


Translate & Localize provides top-quality, accurate transcription of audio and video recordings in several languages. All transcriptions are carefully reviewed and proofread prior to delivery. We transcribe business meetings, interviews, and professional recordings, seminars, workshop and conferences proceedings, tutorials & other training material, events and presentations, converting spoken language into written text.


We provide localizations, which combine translations and cultural adaptations of products and services to make them understandable to a specific culture and location. This includes the tailoring and adapting of websites or software applications to specific countries, in terms of linguistic quality and cultural nuances in order to make companies accessible to an international audience.
To convert your software or website interface into other languages, you need our high quality localization services.

The localization process should be an integral part of the development process. Ignoring this principle often leads to a lot of problems: cost overruns and rewriting the code or deploying products affected by flawed translations.

High quality, reliability, flexibility, and confidentiality guaranteed. Language significantly influences important purchases. Don’t stay behind – move forward and reach the whole world by localizing your products and services. Localizing your products means improved customer acceptance of international versions, customer acceptance means customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction means returning customers, returning customers mean higher profits.


We provide copywriting services that help you sell your products and services, enhance customer awareness and change their perceptions. Say what you want to say in a way your audience can understand and relate to. The copywriting services we provide can help you to do exactly that. Copywriting services for marketing communications, press releases, web content, picture and video descriptions, articles, corporate literature, ad slogans etc.