We provide technical, medical, legal, commercial, scientific and literary translations, among others. Particular relevance is given to technical translations (manuals, guides, specifications, bulletins, certificates, datasheets and other types of technical documents).

The competence acquired in this field allows Translate & Localize to support translation – and therefore translators – from a technical as well as an organizational point of view, in order to guarantee high-quality services.

We offer translation services in a wide range of technical fields, including: mechanical engineering, motor manufacturing and construction, engines, hydraulic machinery, gas turbines, machinery for earth works, agricultural machinery, machine tools, welding processes, motor welders, paper and cardboard manufacturing machinery and processes, packaging machinery, hydraulics, building industry, lifting gears, electrotechnics, electrical heaters, building and facilities of telecommunication stations, electronics, manufacturing automation, robotics and motion control, optical instruments, lighting techniques, water purification machinery, dietary products, food industry machinery and processes, medical instrumentation, clinical research, clinical studies and testing, hardware and software, computer applications, financial markets, stock exchange activities, balance sheets, statements of accounts, industrial design, town planning, architecture, protection of the environment and other technical and marketing fields.